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We are a group of people from different locations combining a love for knowledge, people’s benefit and the well-being of mankind. We treat problems of the community, the nations, and in accordance with the spirit of knowledge and modern technology.

We love and glorify knowledge and scientists as well as new ideas.

  • Mathematics and mannerisms.
  • Drawings and ideas.
  • Algorithms and variables.
  • It is all a genuine part of our starting aspirations.

What We Do?

We learn all the variables with patience and in a unique way: it is our unique way in solving problems.

Our Mission

Finding solutions to what is perplexing to modern science. We stand side by side to place valuable observations in the hands of scientists that opens them a horizon to all which is complex.

Our Vision

To place the building block of the future, and preserve the valuable inheritance in order to become a model example that the scientist’s consciousness adheres to.


Inside us application:

This application has been built upon equations and mathematical algorithms to reveal the character’s secret and give you advice.

Medical application:

This application has been built upon mathematical equations and algorithms to explain diseases; and specifically, autoimmune diseases which depend on specific blood indicators. Every patient is diagnosed and given specific medical advice.

Children stories:

Interesting ideas that increase children awareness including:

  • The time thief series (promotes the importance of time).
  • Healthy food series (increases awareness of harmful food and the benefits of healthy food).
  • 3D animated movies
  • 2D& comic.
  • The scientist and the time thief.
  • Sara, Khaled, and the time thief.


Our games carry awareness messages in our own way.

Which include:

  • Time thief game: The game incorporates artificial intelligence that identifies the thief’s path and carries an awareness message.

This game concentrates on scientists, how they glorify time and take measures to prevent losing it.

  • I’m Bandicoot: An endless game where you fight enemies of success and time, you get past them and fight time monsters.
  • The game of healthy food: You fight the harmful, unhealthy food and encourage the consumption of that which is healthy.