“Scaling up life quality through innovation in Artificial Intelligence and bringing problem solving to human benefits.”

Golden Ratio

“Golden Ratio is the worlds most astonishing number that ever exist to this day.” Mario Livio, The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi.

Basically in mathematics, two values are considered to be in the golden ratio relationship, if the ratio of the second number to the large value is the same as the ratio of the large value to the small value, and it has inspired so many experts from various disciplines.

Starting from there, we look at algorithms as a gold block in a golden universe, that can be found with a golden ratio. Therefore, we can discovered that the equations and their associated paths are parts of an easier solution for applicable into humanity.

This is a promising matter that we can make into an innovation through Artificial Intelligence that provides benefits for humanity throughout the world.



Trusted algorithm and equation that shaped through innovative solutions


Useful problem solving to answer the changing world

Safe & Easy

Safe and easy to use Artificial Intelligence for daily life

Benefit For Humanity

Our purpose is to provide innovation through technology to benefit humanity that can help us in the future. Here are the benefits that we can achieve while using an innovative solver through Artificial Intelligence:

Time Efficiency

Time efficiency, while we trying to figure out something and try to do it by our own self, it’s more efficient and convenient to using AI.

Problem Solver

Effective and accurate problem solver for most of cross discipline area.

Save The Earth

Save the earth, lets make our earth a better place to live by maximized using innovation through Artificial Intelligence and minimized our carbon pollution.